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JoYo cae6899008 download a file, retry if intterupted 3 years ago
JoYo 5d096cd67d online examples suck 3 years ago
JoYo 1b1e2b2f3d add pleroma-docker-compose.yaml
example pleroma docker-compose for simple setup
3 years ago
JoYo 4022357d55 Add 'msvc_buildtools.ps1'
installation script for msvc 2019.

change the 16 to 15 for msvc 2017.
4 years ago
JoYo 36dcc7b8b7 Update 'README.md' 4 years ago
JoYo 0174263403 mbedtls_msvc.ps1
example build commands for mbedtls on windows
4 years ago
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